We Seek K-12 Teachers To Help Us Train


We are seeking trainers/presenters/consultants to train using our materials. We train in PK-12 grade schools nationwide (public/private and charter schools). A small number of our trainers also train at colleges and churches.

You can work in your regional area or travel to work in another state (you will determine).

This is a contract assignment (part-time/ or very part-time). We have a few trainers who decide to work full-time.

Also, please know we do NOT pay hourly. Our trainers are compensated based on the materials the school purchases (usually $1000 -$3500 is paid to a consultant per training day). The more participants attending the training and/or materials the school purchases…the more you earn each training day (none of our trainers earn less than $1000 per training day).

We seek certified educators but have a small number of trainers who are not certified. It is beneficial to have a background in the education field or close ties/ a connection with PK-12 grade education. If you are not certified but have a close connection working with children. . . and enjoy training adults then you will be considered.

Successful consultants who work with us have the following backgrounds;

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Principals
  • Counselors
  • Professors
  • Assistant principals
  • Superintendents
  • Behavior specialist
  • Staff development coordinators
  • Professional speakers and consultants
  • Authors
  • Plus other backgrounds dealing with students.
  • Retired educators
  • Social workers

If you are a retired educator (or retired trainer)… we are interested and hope you will review our information (your experience is wonderful!). Our trainers are highly qualified and can hold the attention and deliver a message to an audience. You MUST enjoy training/staff development.

If you are interested in learning more about our company, beliefs, financials, etc. we request that you reply to this posting or email to: noegranado@gmail.com with the following information.

  1. Resume/or summary/or brief regarding your background. We will reply to all requests for information within four business days (we strive for 24 hours). The information we will email you provides COMPLETE details (everything — company background, financial payment information, etc. PLEASE take time to review the information).

We will meet in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Atlanta, Georgia in October if you are interested and are ready to begin (all consultants/trainers for our company attend a train the trainer session prior to training at schools — this is required). Our Train The Trainer dates are: October 12-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and October 26-29 in Atlanta, Georgia.

For immediate consideration, you must reply with the requested information. You will receive an email from us with complete details and information about our company (including compensation) for you to review.

Thank you for reviewing our information – we wish you the best in your search.